Selinsgrove Projects, Inc.

Selinsgrove Projects, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose primary focus is on community revitalization. The board of directors is presently made up of various volunteers with a wide range of expertise. Board members and non-board members comprise our several committees.

Selinsgrove Projects’ Mission:

Working with diverse partners and resources, Selinsgrove Projects, Inc. promotes the economic growth, cultural vibrancy, natural resources, and unique character and heritage of downtown Selinsgrove.

Also a part of Selinsgrove Projects, Inc.’s endeavors is the coordination of several annual events held in Downtown Selinsgrove. They are:

Board of DirectorsNameTerm Expiration
PresidentMalcolm Derk2024
Vice PresidentRichard Mease2028
TreasurerBrian Ross2024
SecretaryHeather McNabb2025
MemberJohn Lazur2023
MemberBill Bucher2025
MemberChapin Jones2027
MemberJulia Curtis 2027
MemberWhitney Purcell2028
MemberMary Jo Snyder2028
Administrative SupportFrances Czeponis
Administrative SupportMeryl Czeponis


There are several committees that operate under Selinsgrove Projects with very diverse interests in helping to enhance the community.

Design Committee

The Design Committee is responsible for the streetscape of Downtown Selinsgrove. Through facade grants awarded to Selinsgrove as part of the Main Street Manager Program, the Design Committee has been able to assist downtown businesses and property owners to update the facades of our historical buildings. These improvements help to enhance the aesthetics of our lovely downtown. This assistance is available by application submitted to our Main Street Managers, which is reviewed and implemented by the Design Committee. Examples of such improvements are: A. Dustin Kline Salon, 30-32 S. Market St. (the former Iva Jean Shipe residence), Isabella, Bella’s Pizza, to name a few. More recently, Selinsgrove Projects has teamed up with Uniquely Sakura to restore the Snyder County Trust clock located outside of First National Bank.

Economic Revitalization Committee

The Economic Revitalization Committee is responsible for bringing business to downtown that would be a good fit for both the business owner and the business district and promoting sustainability in those ventures.

Discovery Trails Committee

The Discovery Trails Committee focuses more on the river and outdoor activities that can be done in the borough. Their major project right now is to develop water trails that can be utilized on the river to see the various plants and wildlife as well as the river’s distinct nuances in general.

Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee assists with marketing and promotional endeavors. They are also responsible for the scheduling of events such as the Rudy Gelnett Music Series.

Non-Standing Committees

As stated in the by-laws, non-standing committees need to be designated by the President and approved by the Board and, if so, would then have to be Chaired by an Officer or Director; otherwise, volunteers could chair these committees and provide reports to the Board.

Farmers’ Market Committee

The Farmers’ Market Committee is chaired by Sara Lauver. The committee is responsible for organizing the weekly Farmers’ Market in the Commons. The committee recruits and approves potential Market vendors. Additional responsibilities include scheduling music for the Market and volunteering to aid in set-up and take-down of Market equipment.

White Christmas Committee

The White Christmas Committee is co-chaired by Marsha Lemons and Janie Coyne. The committee is responsible for decorating the downtown during the Christmas season. This includes generating and collecting donations. Additionally, volunteers are needed to decorate and de-decorate Market Street and the Commons.

Commons Committee

The Commons Committee is chaired by John Lazur. Its primary responsibility is the upkeep of the Commons. The committee is responsible for arranging landscaping, snow removal, etc. They are also in charge of approving events to be held on the Commons via the Commons occupancy permit.

Halloween Committee

The Halloween Committee is chaired by Chris Kenawell. The committee is responsible for organizing the annual Halloween Parade. This includes recruiting participants. Volunteers are also needed on the day of the parade to prepare for the event.

Hops, Vines & Wines Committee

The Hops, Vines, and Wines Committee is co-chaired by Carol Handlan and Jeff Reed. The Committee is responsible for organizing the annual Brewfest. Work includes assembling vendors and arranging accommodations. Merchandise (such as pilsner glasses and t-shirts) are designed and purchased. Transportation must be arranged. Events are planned to be held as entertainment during the festival. Additional volunteer time is needed to set-up and take-down the large event.

Market Street Festival Committee

The Market Street Festival Committee is responsible for organizing the annual festival. This includes working with the SPI office to obtain and approve vendor applications. A grid map must then be created displaying the position of vendors. Other responsibilities are required to ensure the event runs smoothly. Volunteers for the set-up and take-down of the town-wide event are needed.

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee is chaired by Heather McNabb. The goal of the committee is to organize events and provide information used to keep the rich history of Selinsgrove intact.

Selinsgrove Projects Financial Disclosure

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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