Selinsgrove Santa Fest for Kids – Images – Dec 5th 2015

The Stocking Stuff event this year in Selinsgrove started out at Graci’s Flower Shop where kids were given a stocking to decorate. Decorations and coloring utensils were made available in the form or crayons and markers. There were also stencils to help with designs.

After getting their stockings finished the kids were able to go to 24 Selinsgrove businesses where they were given stocking stuffers for their new stockings. The images below follow one such child, Leviah, as she makes her way around town. In the first set of images we see kids working on their stockings at Graci’s.

(Click on the images to view a larger version)

Next we were off to gather up presents. Each family was given a map with the participating stores marked on it which was very helpful. The photos below represent stops at all of these stores.

It was a great time for all and I heard a lot of positive comments from the kids and store personnel alike. I have included the businesses’ website address below the images as best I can. Please patronize the businesses who helped make the Christmas season special for kids this way!